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This page is produced by the PCN and is designed to be respectful and an honor to those from among us whom have made their final Flight West. When the PCN receives notices, all families agree that address info will be included (unless requested otherwise) on this semi-private web page. Contributor contact info is removed before posting (unless requested otherwise).


Sunday, May 27, 2012

DL Capt. Brian R. Emard

We have received this sad news that Air National Guard/Desert Storm veteran and DL pilot Captain Brian Emard has passed away after a courageous struggle with medical issues.  Captain Emard hired on with Delta 01-10-1986.  Brian’s obituary and family letters to all appear below as he describes his fight for life. 
To view/sign the online guestbook please visit  
 http://blackfuneralhomes.com/cgi-bin/heald-obit.cgi?Name=Brian R. Emard  Survived by his wife Janet personal condolences may be sent to the family at PO Box 816, Sanbornville, NH 03872, and email at brijanemard@gmail.com
Services with military honors were held Thursday in Maine.

Capt. Brian R. Emard


Brian Roger Emard aka "Kemo Sabe (Native Warrior)"
October 29, 1953 - May 20, 2012
Wakefield, NH

WAKEFIELD — Brian Roger Emard died Sunday, May 20, 2012.
He was a loving son, husband, father, grandfather and friend, and will be
missed dearly.
SERVICES: His wake will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. Thursday, May 24, at the
Carll-Heald & Black Funeral Home, 580 Main St., Springvale, Maine. A Mass of
Christian burial will be celebrated at 11 a.m. Friday, May 25, at Notre Dame
Church, 10 Payne St., Springvale, followed by a committal service with military
honors at the Southern Maine Veterans Memorial Cemetery, 83 Stanley Road,
Springvale. To view the complete obituary and/or
to leave condolences for the family, visit http://www.blackfuneralhomes.com/ 

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
    ~Abraham Lincoln

     Brian Emard passed away on May 20, 2012, at his home in Wakefield,
New Hampshire. He was 58 years old.
     He is survived by many who will love and miss him dearly: his wife aka "squaw,"
Janet and their three children Michael, Jessica, and Kristie; his daughter-in-law
Melody and granddaughter, Skyla Kenai; his parents, Roger and Theresa Emard; his
sisters, Janet Hamel and JoAnn Woodward; his mother-in-law, Lorraine Sevigny,
along with over 30 in-laws and over 80 nieces and nephews. He also had many
close friends who were cherished as family over the years.
     Brian attended the University of New Hampshire through the Reserve Officer
Training Corps. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Biology,
he went on to join the Air National Guard. He defended freedom and the country
he so deeply loved in both Operation Desert Storm and Saudi Arabia. He retired
from the Guard as Lieutenant Colonel after 22 years of service. He also flew
commercially for Delta Airlines, Israel Air, and Korean Air. He loved being in the
sky, flying with the eagles. Brian also loved the land, always preferring to be
outdoors. Before his prestigious ranking as Captain of some of the most advanced
aircraft in the world, his original dream was to become a park ranger. An avid and
skilled hunter and fisherman, he possessed a passion and enthusiasm that he loved
to share. His children
joke that they were taught to pitch a tent and cast a pole before tying their shoes.
After travelling to Anchorage as a pilot on several occasions with the Air National
Guard in his early 20s, he made a quick habit out of annual fishing trips to Alaska,
where he would include as many family and friends as possible. Eventually, Brian
and his wife Janet turned his "retirement" dream into reality and opened a bed and
breakfast in The Great Land. Together, they ran Anchor River Lodge for 5
successful years. Two years ago, Brian started his own fishing charter business,
AK Salmon Charters, becoming not only the Captain of the Sky, but the Captain
of the Sea.
     Brian left more than loving friends and family behind. He left a positive impact
on the community at large. He not only coached his own children, he established a
youth sports recreation league called Strafford Friends of Recreation, which
children continue to enjoy the benefits of today. His passion for the environment
was boundless.
He could often be found cleaning the litter off not only his campsite and property,
but off the sites and land of others. In Alaska, he spearheaded the development
of a natural gas line in the Anchor Point community to improve energy efficiency
and lower costs. He also made it a point to donate to environmental groups and
preservation societies, further ensuring that the nature he cherished so much
could be better enjoyed by everyone.
     Brian was an appreciative man who openly acknowledged that he couldn't have
lived out his dreams without the unconditional love and support of his family and
friends; especially his wife, Janet, who he loved and cherished for the 34 years
they shared together. He was a devout Christian man who put family above all and
he shared frequently that he could not have been more proud of all of them. They
will always shine his light and continue the exceptional legacy that lives within
them all.
     Brian was blessed and loved immensely, and the tremendous positive impact
he had on hundreds of lives will live on through their hearts and souls.

"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." ~Paul McCartney

     Relative and friends are invited to call on Thursday from 5 to 8 PM at the
Carll-Heald & Black Funeral Home, 580 Main Street, Springvale. A Mass of
Christian Burial will be celebrated on Friday at 11:00 AM at the Notre Dame
Church of St. Thérèse of Lisieux Parish, 10 Payne Street, Springvale. Committal
prayers and military honors will follow at the Southern Maine Veterans Memorial
Cemetery, 83 Stanley Road, Springvale.
     Arrangements are under the direction of the Carll-Heald & Black Funeral
Home, 580 Main Street, Springvale. Condolences may be expressed at http://www.blackfuneralhomes.com/
     In lieu of flowers or gifts, it was Brian's wish that donations be made to the
Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Jimmy Fund, an organization that was always close
to his heart. There will be a collection box at his wake and mass or donations
can be sent to Janet Emard, PO Box 816, Sanbornville, NH 03872.

Dear Family and Friends,  
Thank you all for your care and support during this difficult time for our family. Brian passed away yesterday, May 20.  He is no longer in pain and is now at peace.
The service schedule is as follows:  
Wake 5-8 @ Carll Heald & Black Funeral , 580 Main St., Springvale, ME on Thursday 5/24 
Funeral 11 am @ Notre Dame Church, 10 Payne St, Springvale, ME 5/25 
Military Services to follow Mass @ 12 pm - Veteran's Cemetary, 83 Stanley Rd,  Springvale, ME 5/25
Love you all,
From: PCN ILLNESS Mgr Sent: Monday, March 19, 2012 8:37 AM
Subject:  Illness Update - Capt Brian Emard
RE: Illness Update - Capt Brian Emard

Below is the update sent from Brian himself. 

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Joshua 1:9  Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be
thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whither-soever thou

If someone were to tell me just three months ago that I would be
writing a mass email to family and friends quoting scripture I would
have told them they needed to start smoking something different. I
find it an incredible transformation that I have experienced when I
can do this comfortably without any inhibitions whatsoever. It amazes
me what a natural transition it’s been to find the Truth and Love in
our Father. I always wore my emotions on my sleeve but never my
religion, and would have felt uncomfortable doing this just a short
time ago. How could I have been missing the real message of the
scriptures all these years, even being raised as a believer in a
strong Catholic family, and raising our own children the same way? I’m
just so thankful that I finally opened my eyes to what’s been right in
front of me all these years, and now He will save me.

Where do I begin?? The long and winding road continues, with both
chemotherapy and radiation temporarily stopped because of yet another
previously unknown obstacle: low blood platelet count. The good news
is I feel great. The best I have felt in several weeks. I have been
off the chemo for over a week now when my weekly blood test showed a
dramatic drop in my platelet count. Another test just three days later
showed it so low that I had to also stop radiation treatments. As we
found out, platelets are what clots your blood, so it becomes a
serious issue because radiation kills brain cells and causes swelling
and bleeding, so we cannot run the risk of bleeding out through the
brain. When I returned again Thursday for another test my count was
finally improving (being off the chemo for several days) but not quite
good enough to resume radiation. It needs to be at a significantly
higher threshold than that to get back on the chemo, but I’m convinced
that will happen soon. Bottom line is I have one month down and just
two weeks to go of this phase once I can get started again. Hopefully
that will all resume tomorrow after we get the blood test results from
the test I will take first thing tomorrow morning at Dana-Farber. I’m
once again very thankful I am being treated in such an incredible
facility that has their finger on my pulse constantly, and makes
adjustments like this accordingly. I was very worried and concerned
about all this at first, but my doctors and team have convinced me not
to consider this a setback but nothing more than a temporary delay.

If I wasn’t aware of the lurking demons in my brain, I would swear
that there was nothing wrong with me. I spent this whole beautiful
weekend at home with our daughter, Kristie here and lots of friends
visiting. We got a lot of yard work done, cutting down and stacking
several trees. No chainsaw in my hands (doctors orders) but my
incredible family and friends are always right here to help no matter
what I need done.

We had a sweet campfire last night at the water’s edge .Janet’s twin
sister Janice and her family came over and we all  enjoyed each
other’s company as we have so many times, but how different precious
times like that seem to me now. I’ve got to tell you all again, don’t
ever take anything for granted, especially your family and friends.

I truly feel like I’ve already been cured even though that is not
medically possible with my diagnosis. I still feel the miracle I
believe in has already happened and that our Father has already
eliminated the devil from my body and made me once again an adequate
temple for the Holy Spirit to dwell in my house forever.

This whole journey has been so surreal it’s hard to adequately explain
my feelings throughout this timeframe, only that it has curiously
seemed far less dramatic and even more natural than I could have ever
imagined. Occasionally in the past when thinking about what something
like this must be like, I could imagine myself crawling into a ball
and waiting for the devil to take me. In fact, the exact opposite has
happened. I have never felt fear, self pity, or even had a good cry
about my circumstances. From the beginning, when the words
“unfortunately, the tumor was malignant” from my doctor hit us between
the eyes like a sucker punch on our last day in the hospital after the
surgery, I have been totally focused on positive thoughts and energy.
When we heard those words and my youngest daughter Kristie and wife
Janet immediately broke up and started crying I felt determined that I
would not be the cause of any further pain to them, and that I would
be there for them for a long time because they obviously needed me as
much as I needed them. I had not done the research they had and was
totally unprepared for this worst case diagnosis. They had discouraged
me from doing so because my oldest daughter Jessica suspected this
from the beginning but didn’t want me to be aware of it and be
worried. Funny, how we are always trying to protect each other from
fear and pain through our love of one another. The first thing I said
to my wife and daughter after the doctor left was they needed to be
strong for me because I was going to fight this and never give up but
they needed to help me muster the strength to do that through their
strength and support. So that is what my wife and family have been
doing for me ever since. We are all determined that this will not
destroy what we enjoy most, our love and time with each other and the
beauty of ever day things.

I am looking forward to our son, Michael and granddaughter Skyla’s
visit soon. She will be turning one in April and Janet and I plan to
fly to Seattle to be there for that wonderful celebration! How lucky
and blessed we are!!  Looks like our return to Alaska will be delayed
because of the treatment delay so probably looking at the first to
second week of May right now. They’ve got so much snow there this year
it won’t cause us to miss too much getting there a month later than
normal. Nothing will stop me from getting back there. It’s the closest
thing to heaven I’ve ever experienced on this magnificent planet!!

Love and God Bless,


Brian and Janet Emard
PO Box 806
Anchor Point, AK 99556

Keep those emails of support and prayers coming. They rejuvenate my
strength every day, which I need to keep up this battle.

From: George Chaudoin Sent: Friday, February 03, 2012 6:30 AM
Subject: Brian and Janet Emard
Good morning!

 In case you have not received the email below with the attached file
from Janet & Brian Emard, for your review.  Dick Eklund message is
at the bottom with the Emard's New Hampshire address.

 Brian does not have an easy road ahead, but as you can tell from the
letters, he is going to do his very best to heal himself.   I am
sure Brian will appreciate cards and letters during his treatment
and upon his return home to New Hampsire.

 I will forward along any updates that I receive in the coming weeks.

 Please feel free to forward to pilots who may know Brian, that are
not on this email distribution.

 I apologize in advance if you received this message more than once.


 Begin forwarded message:

 From: Brian and Janet Emard brijanemard@gmail.com
 Subject: Brian and Janet
 Date: January 30, 2012 10:43:29 AM EST
 To: Dino Atsalis k.ja@comcast.net

 Dear Dino,

 We have some tough news to share with you but it is our wish to do
so and ask for all the spiritual power you can will our way. Brian
is in the fight of his life ........... for his life. He had a
seizure in Alaska around Thanksgiving shortly before we came back
to NH for the winter. We arranged for medical followup here to a
brain tumor discovered in Alaska.
 He had surgery here Jan 17th. Everything else including our most
recent update (attachment) I am including in this message. You will
see from all that, how determined and positive he his and his
strength grows with every day. We cherish our close friendships and
Brian didn't want to bother anyone with this over the holidays or
until we knew exactly what we were dealing with and had a plan.

 He has attacked this with military precision. He feels humbled and
empowered by the outreach of family and friends across the country.
Please let us know if you would like to be included in future
updates. Please also feel free to disseminate information to anyone
whom you think may be concerned.

 Brian is the love of my life and I know that with all of your
prayers that he will beat this thing. He is "The wind beneath my
 My hero, lover and best friend !!

 God Bless

 I am sorry it has taken a little longer than anticipated to update
you on my health status.  Since my discharge from the hospital on
Friday, we have been overwhelmed.  On that day, we received the
unexpected and shocking news that the tumor  removed was classified
as a glioblastoma - which was our worst case result.  A
glioblastoma is a Stage IV brain cancer.  We will be coordinating
and collaborating with specialists in oncology and radiology within
the next two weeks, as well as having the follow up with the
neurosurgeon to remove the staples/bandages.  At that point, I will
be released to do light activity and will start to begin my
treatment plan.  Grim information aside, we want to emphasize that
we have a lot of faith, hope and love. We are determined to fight
this head on and do whatever is necessary to beat this.  We have a
long and hard road ahead of us, but have several key factors in our
favor: the location of the tumor (right frontal lobe), the fact
that the visible part of the tumor was removed, the surrounding
tissue appears healthy, and there was no residual tumor apparent on
the post op MRI.  We plan on attacking this aggressively and taking
a multi-faceted approach including nutrition and supplements.  We
are not going to rely on just chemo and radiation, I plan on
consulting with many specialists and have found guidance and
inspiration on a few people who have been surviving with this for
nearly 15 years. Also looking onto some promising clinical trials
to participate in.

 Above all, I am extremely blessed.  I have the best support
structure that a man can ask for.  The most important things that I
have dedicated my life to - family, friends, and faith are all
present and are going to help me win this battle. Janet, the love
of my life for 32 years,and my children have been researching this
condition, providing me with encouraging facts and survival stories
to read and given me more information, hope, and encouragement. The
information out there is so grim and depressing I have to separate
myself from it, but my kids  have become my filters, and are
feeding me all the pertinent information I will need to educate
myself fully and be able to determine my  treatment. All I know is
I have far too much to live for and look forward to and am
determined to knock the hell out of this shit by killing it with
radiation and chemo and starving it through proper diet and
supplements. We also have an incredible group of extended family
and friends that have been and will be here for us as I begin this
battle.  Most of all, I have my faith which has brought me through
many ups and downs in my life.  I have had an incredibly full life,
seen the world, and been able to do everything I ever wanted from
fight for my country to standing up against grizzlies.-HA  One
thing has remained constant:God has always answered my deepest
prayers. He made the blind see, the deaf hear, cured many from
disease, and even raised men from death including himself. I have
no doubt He will be there for me now, especially with all of the
prayers coming our way.

 For now, I am happy to be home, comfortable, and with my family.  I
am recovering well from my surgery, having less pain everyday and I
am looking forward to getting back to a semi- normal routine. After
all our consults and appointments in the next two weeks we will
hopefully have a schedule and a plan. Only then will we have any
idea what we can plan for. We hope to continue to enjoy our dream
in Alaska, and what we love most : sharing all that with family and
dear friends, but the schedule will have to be flexible. Treatment
and Monitoring are the keys. The duration schedules will
continually depend and change depending on how my followup MRI's
show how I am responding.

 What do I need? Your prayers, support, encouragement, contact, and
companionship. Even phone calls are a little difficult for me right
now, but after a week that won't be a problem because my surgery
should be healed. Thank-you for all your continuing support and
prayers, because with your help and my determination I will become
a part of the small percentage of long term survivors.

 Please be in touch,
 Love Brian

Brian and Janet Emard
 PO Box 806
 Anchor Point, AK 99556

 28 JAN 12 meesage from Dick Eklund with Janet & Brian's contact
information in Sanbornville:


 Brian had surgery on JAN 17th in Portsmouth,NH to remove a brain tumor

 He will start 6 weeks of radiation and chemo on FEB 6th at Dana-
Farber Institute in Boston. He will stay in Boston Mon-Fri of each
week, coming home on weekends.

 He is very excited about his doctor and the treatment plan at Dana-
Farber. He will actually be participating in a trial for a promising
new drug.
needs rest and peace and quiet.
 He would appreciate cards and letters sent to
                                  Brian Emard
                                  P.O. Box 816
                                  Sanbornville, NH  03872

 His email address is      brijanemard@gmail.com

 He will put out an update on his situation when he is well enough to  o so.

 Please keep Brian and his family in your thoughts and prayers..
                                                            Dick Eklund

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